Friday, December 30, 2005

Hand Drawing Tutorial

Monday, December 26, 2005

Ron Lemen's Skintone Tutorial

Friday, December 09, 2005

Fred Flickstone

Fred (his real name is Ron Somethingorother) has posted a variety of useful tutorials at the Concept Art website (a highly recommended site).

Here's his Head Tutorial 1

Head Tutorial 2

Figure Drawing 1

Figure Drawing 2

Color theory 1

Color Theory 2

There may be others. I'll post them if I find them.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sargent's Painting Methods

Here's a PDF document detailing John Singer Sargent's painting methods. He refused to share this information because

"As to describing my procedure, I find the greatest difficulty in making it clear to pupils, even with the palette and brushes in hand and with the model before me; to serve it up in the abstract seems to me hopeless."

But one of his students documented his techniqiues. This is very enlightening. He had no qualms about abandoning a painting that he had spent weeks working on. He'd ditch it, and start over on a new canvas if he was the least bit dissatisfied with it. That's an important lesson in itself, because I see too many people try to salvage a painting that's not working. There's much more information than that, but if even one of the lessons in this document helps you, you'll be a better artist.

Rent Art Instruction Videos

Here's a link for a video rental business I found recently. They have instructional videos on several topics, including art. Their selection is limited, but they told me that they are eager to add new titles, if people request them.

I've ordered a Scott Burdick video. I'll get to watch it for $20 instead of buying it for $95. You can rent individual disks for $10, or entire sets.

There are some videos I think I'd rather own, but renting them first, as a preview, is a great option! How-To DVD Rental