Monday, December 17, 2007

Zhaoming Wu video released!

Stop the presses! I just saw that Wu's first video has been released!!! I've been checking the publisher's website weekly for about a year anticipating this. It won't disappoint.

Here's the publisher's page, which gives a hint at Wu's technique.

You can rent it at this link, but be prepared to wait. (I'm in line ahead of you!).

Here's his website.

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Blogger marcobucci said...

I pre-ordered this from Liliedahl, and have watched it back to back 3 or 4 times. If you're looking for a recommendation, then I'll gladly be one to give it. The painting is well-documented, and you see virtually every brushstroke. What you don't see is the years of discipline behind each one of those brushstrokes...but Wu does his best to talk about what's on his mind. As you might expect, his English is shaky, but he manages to communicate some very abstract thoughts about the process quite well.
He doesn't do any special 'tricks' with blending or anything of the sort (although he does sometimes apply paint with a fan brush). He's just got superb control over shapes, values, edges, and colour.

2:14 PM  
Blogger Elflling said...

I just went back China this winter and bought two of his previously published drawing instruction books (both in Chinese) and they are absolute wonderful. He is amazing, truly... Thinking about buying the dvd myself just for the respect. This would be my first art dvd purchase maybe, since I always rented from smartflix! (:-P Poor student...)

6:47 PM  

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